If you're the learn-at-home type these are for you! These are for creative introverts who have  big ideas but struggle with executing them. I'll teach you introvert-friendly ways to do the work you love, and reach your audience.

Confidence Coaching for Creatives

I know from experience that lacking confidence as a creative cane be paralysing. I can work with you to unblock those self-doubt mental blocks, overcome procrastination and give you the skills you need to face your fears. 

Speaking engagements

As much as I love a good motivational speech; my aim is to give practical, actionable advice to those who want to make their creative dreams a reality, regardless of where they are on the journey. (Note: I might throw in a pun.)


Got a question about any of these services? Drop an email to hello@thecreativeintrovert´╗┐.com