A place for creative introverts to get support, feedback, advice and accountability -
all without having to leave the sofa.

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An Online Community For Creative Introverts

Feeling drained? Let's share our stories and kind words (and no, you don't have to go to that party.)

Ask questions about your creative work, business, self-promotion or just life as an introvert. 

Every week there will be an opportunity to showcase your latest and greatest creative work.

Request feedback and advice on anything you're working on.

How it works

I've identified the four common areas pretty much all of us Creative Introverts struggle with. In each area, you'll find a library of resources (added to monthly) as well as community support options I've made available exclusively to the LCI.


The Problems

  • "I feel lonely – like an outsider"
  • "My family doesn't support my efforts"
  • "I lack the confidence in my abilities, therefore I stand back"
  • "I suffer from embarrassment and caring too much what other people think"
  • "I worry about what my peers and colleagues will think and say about my work"

The Solutions

  • Every member gets a free 1-1 coaching session with Cat
  • We can do it on Skype (just audio) or even via email if that feels more comfortable
  • The LCI community is carefully monitored to make sure you are in the company of the most supportive, encouraging innies in the world
  • Every member is guaranteed priority email support (aka. you get bumped to the top of Cat's private email account for extra support!)
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The Problems

  • "I find it hard to share our work online - even though I know I have to"
  • "I feel uncomfortable networking"
  • "Finding the right words to talk to my ideal audience"
  • "I do creative work in many different fields and can't represent it all in a cohesive way"
  • "Please don't ask me to talk about my business!"
  • "I don't like social media and I don't like showing my work!"

The Solutions

  • Weekly opportunities to share your work with other likeminded creative innies 
  • Weekly Facebook Live trainings on how to work with these troublesome thoughts
  • Each week you get the opportunity to be featured in the Creative Introvert Museletter - getting your work seen by thousands of potential die-hard fans (without you making a peep!)
  • {For Annual Members} Access to Get Your Art Out: the 4-week course designed to shift your approach to self-promotion, and The Email Answer - an intensive course to reach out to anyone in your industry (and get an answer!)
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The Problems

  • "I need experience in the industry to build credibility"
  • "I think I have to learn every step in technology to get things done"
  • "Marketing in a way which isn't seen as just spam"
  • "My work isn't even nearly good enough as it needs to be"

The Solutions

  • A library of resources on every area of developing your skills as a creative pro (added to monthly!)
  • Skillshare opportunities with League members from around the world
  • Weekly opportunities to ask questions and get them answered in Facebook Lives
  • Priority email support for all members if you have a burning question
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The Problems

  • "Procrastination!!"
  • "I just need more energy and focus to practice my creative pursuits!"
  • "There just aren't enough hours in the day"
  • "I have plenty of pieces/projects started - need to follow-through and finish!"
  • "I need to get over this creative block"

The Solutions

  • Access to an Accountability Buddy system where you can pair up with another Leaguer and keep each other on track to fulfil your creative goals
  • Weekly goal setting and check-ins
  • Resources on finding focus, flow and finishing your creative work
  • {For Annual Members} Monthly coaching calls with Cat to make sure you know exactly what to do and actually get it done!
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"Like Netflix for Creative Introverts"

Who is the League of Creative Introverts for?

  • Anyone who struggles with self-promotion because it feels... sleazy
  • Anyone who wants to find out why their work isn't getting discovered (and do something about it)
  • Anyone who feels their introversion is stopping them following their dreams
  • Anyone who wants to connect and learn from other creatives who share their sensitive, thoughtful and creative personality traits
  • Not for those who don't want to face their fears in order to move forward
  • Not for those who want to hoard their creativity to themselves
  • Not just for introverts - shy extroverts are more than welcome!

I'm liking the group so far! It's definitely a lot more comfortable and intimate than some other Facebook groups.

Mandy Sun, Web Designer 

I love this community because I know it's a safe space. Sharing my work, asking questions, and answering others peoples' questions can be terrifying, but knowing that everyone in this group feels the exact same way makes it a lot easier. 

Krista Miller

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Why does the League of Creative Introverts exist?

Cat here! Fellow introvert (INTJ to be precise) and founder of the League of Creative Introverts.

A freelance designer by day (illustrator of awkward animals by night) with a serious aversion to networking events; in 2015 I reluctantly admitted I could no longer do this 'creative hermit' thing if I wanted to get my work seen - and pay the bills!

When I  discovered I'm not alone in having creative ambitions but a preference for alone time and less stimulating environments, I began working to change the way us creative introverts think and feel about making a living from our creative work - and do it in a way that suits us!

I know the reason I can help others do this is because it's something I've struggled with myself for many years. In creating the League of Creative Introverts, I hope to provide you with a place to share ideas, get honest feedback, true support, build your confidence and make a great living from your creative pursuits.

See you inside!

Cat Rose

Got any questions about the LCI?
Ask away: hello@thecreativeintrovert.com


The League is opening again soon – join the VIP waitlist to get priority access!

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