You want to make a living doing what you love...

So why are you doing the stuff that makes you gag?

I'm here to tell all you creative introverts that there ARE ways out there to get your art out: NO sleazy sales tactics required, NO awkward networking events required...

I believe we should match our actions to our unique PERSONALITIES. What feels right for us. As soon as we start to do this, our creative work does the talking for us.

Ready to learn how?

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George Bryant

"Cat was a pleasure to work with – super reliable and dedicating to helping me get sh*t done!"

"Sharing my work, asking questions, and answering others peoples' questions can be terrifying, but knowing that everyone in this group feels the exact same way makes it a lot easier."

Krista Rae
Leon Horsely

"Full of rock-solid advice and useful strategies"

About the Cat...

Cat who?

Cat Rose, at your service! I like to think of myself as the Sir Didymus of creative introverts, but you can be the  judge of that.​