Here’s a selection of my work for my lovely clients:



Logo and stationery for the Happy Bread Company, a gluten-free bread company based in Hackney.

Happy Bread Company Banner

A roller banner for one of Karen’s events. (Yes, her bread tastes EVEN BETTER than it looks!)



Logo design for Laura of Wholeheartedly Healthy. A new lifestyle online course in which she empowers women to be the best versions of themselves. I wanted the logo to fit in with her existing branding, and have an accompanying icon that could be used standing alone from the type.




Essence beauty and health salon, Hove.



Responsive email campaign design for Beagle Street.



Gaptivate is an exciting event for students looking to go on gap years – I got to work on the dynamic, one page site and made sure it looked just as good on small devices.


Assayer mobile design

Banking doesn’t have to be boring! I loved this project I worked on for Yellow Digital, as it allowed me to tie in my passion for illustration to bring the dense information to life.




Print isn’t quite dead yet! I love using my grounding in print design (my BA degree focussed heavily on this) and there are always opportunities for it. This job for Slingshot was great fun, as the client was up for a really fresh, dynamic look.



Possibly the funniest lady I know, Faye Treacy, musical comedienne extraordinaire, commissioned me to design posters for her Edinburgh Fringe shows. I took great pleasure in creating a custom illustration of her (she specifically requested the JD bottle!)



It’s a real treat to work on a print job these days, and I loved working with Cult LDN to promote a beautiful campaign for Chloe’s Shade of Rose perfume.


Belgium shop mockup

This was my 3D shop mockup for the inside of a store in Belgium, one of the locations for Chloe’s event.



The real reward was seeing the fans engage with the Chloe store window, just as we had envisioned! #ChloeShadeofRose #instacool…



Frankie & Benny’s was one of the many foodie clients I’ve loved working with – their fans are great at engaging and it was a treat to showcase their love for the restaurant on the F&B social channels.



Organix is a brand I truly believe in, as they encourage whole, healthy food from a young age. I worked on a month of social media posts and learned a lot from the experience about PPC advertising and reaching your target market.



I love the Organix brand because I could play with gorgeous illustrations, bright colours and one of my obsessions… FOOD!



Survival wireframes

They aren’t the prettiest addition to a portfolio, but I absolutely LOVE wireframing. I’ve had experience with various wireframing software, but I’m currently obsessed with Balsmiq.


Survival sitemap

From initial conception to planning a sitemap to building wireframes – the whole UX process is something I love to be involved with (I think it’s the organisation junkie in me!)


So, how can I help you?

Basically, I help my clients look brilliant. I make sure they engage their fans through exciting social campaigns.

I renovate websites to be places that house a brand’s values and show off their unique offerings. Above all – I love seeing the results my clients get.

If you’d like to discuss what I can do for your business, just drop me an email or give me a call on 07572 863 769.



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