Confidence is NOT reserved for extroverts...

A 6-Week Coaching Program To Create Your Own Confidence

  • Confidence to create what you love
  • Confidence to share your work with the world
  • Confidence to connect authentically with others
  • Confidence that comes naturally and easily

It's time to shatter the myths...

That confidence is reserved for extroverted people.

That you have to 'fake it till you make it'.

That you have to be someone you're NOT... to get to where you want to go.


Overcome Self-Doubt and Start Creating With Confidence

The clarity to get unstuck and make great art

The courage to express your own natural creative style

The ability to get your work the exposure it deserves

When people meet me, they're usually surprised to find out I'm an introvert. 

I understand - most people believe introversion means you're shy, reticent and unsociable.

The truth is: introversion is purely about ENERGY. How we gain our energy and process the world around us. I prefer small groups and 1-1 chats.

I LOVE spending time with me, myself and I.

These introvert qualities are hardwired into me: and I embrace them. 

But I wasn't always outgoing or confident.

Both my parents were introverts. Their parents were introverts. Their parents’ parents… you get the picture. Throughout my childhood I was referred to as ’shy’ or ‘quiet’. I wouldn’t smile for photos, hated looking people in the eye, preferred the company of my stuffed animals and was happiest when drawing cartoons.

Over the years, I've learned self-confidence is a skill. It's something that grows each time I scare myself silly, I embarrass myself so I turn the colour of my hair, and learn more about who I really am. Above all, it grows when I remember to love and approve of myself: no ifs, no buts. I guess the point I'm trying to make is...

Confidence is something we CREATE - not something we're born with. It's available to EVERYONE.

So... How the heck do you CREATE your own Confidence?

A 6-Week Coaching Program Tailored to YOU

'Choose Your Own Adventure'

You get to pick and choose from a variety of exercises and challenges that appeal to YOUR unique preferences

Peer Support

You're not alone on this confidence quest! You'll be connected with people all over the world who are going through it with you.

Lifetime Access

The program takes place over 6 weeks, but you can return to the trainings whenever you like afterwards.

Here's What Fellow Creative Introverts Have Said About Working With Me...

Lilla Bölecs Illustrator

I loved the course and deeply agree with the ideas behind it. The approach was not new to me, but each time you work with it you recognise and solve new stuff you've been carrying.

Ian Challenger Life Coach

It has been greatly and truly challenging! I think one of the highlights was an exercise that felt like I was repeating myself... then later I had a lightbulb moment and realised what was holding me back in my business. So thank you for your help and prodding!

Patricia Hill Fine Artist

I've finally quit my job and  started to pursue my artistic ambitions. I also gained the confidence to re-engage with other activities I had abandoned years ago - thank you Cat!

"When I first met Cat I was in the depths of artistic despair..."

I had booked my first ever Exhibition in a beautiful gallery space... and I had decided to withdraw from the exhibition. I wanted to paint giant two metre high paintings and my attempts at some had failed dismally.

My conversations with her began to show me that I really did want my work out there. And honestly it would have been worth talking her just to find out if I was deluding myself.

Four months on I have exhibited my paintings and painted a huge painting which is getting brilliant feedback and lots of attention. It has been a life changing experience, and it wouldn't have happened without Cat.

Don't get me wrong... She isn't going to do the work for you. She is an amazing listener, and has helped me to clarify my identity as an artist. Just having someone who understands the processes and emotions involved has been incredible. You can't have conversations like this is normal life.

Other people in your life don't have the same perspective as her. She is there to help you to express yourself resonantly. Other people tell you what they think you want to hear, or tell you what they want to say, not what they think you need. And she will hold you accountable. Uncomfortably sometimes. If you tell her you are going to do something and you don't do it, you have to face that fact - and face your evasions and excuses.

Coaching with Cat has made a tremendously positive impact on my life, and the results are there for all to see!

~ Ian Jones, Fine Artist

What's included in the Program...

The Get REAL Process

Learn the 4-step process that will help you identify and let go of the creative blocks holding you back

Uncover Your Purpose

Get the tools and techniques to find your purpose, your values and set meaningful creative goals

You v2.0

Find your unique talents and learn how you can use them to create confidence and great work

The Daily Practise

The most step-by-step week - perfect for you action takers! Learn the routine that will build your confidence daily

Eliminate All Obstacles

Life isn't always smooth sailing - this week will set you up with strategies to deal with any obstacle that comes your way

Treat Yo'self

Acknowledgement and reward is the final piece of the puzzle - and can be the toughest for many of us - hence why I save it till last!


Here's what you get on if you join Create Your Own Confidence in 2017...

7 Real Life Action Plans

Starting New Projects  •  Getting Feedback on Your Work  •  Selling Your Work  •  Collaborating with Peers  •  Pitching Influencers  •  Networking Events  •  Public Speaking

Access To The League of Creative Introverts

The only thing missing from this program is... peer support. That's why I'm offering access to the League of Creative Introverts for 12 months (and if you're already a member, you'll be given 12 months free too!)



I want you to know that with CREATE YOUR OWN CONFIDENCE, there's no risk! If after 14 days, you don't feel like this is the right fit for you, just turn in your homework, and I will give you a full refund (and we'll still be friends!)

What you get when you join...

  • Instant access to the CYOC (CREATE YOUR OWN CONFIDENCE) Program
  • Lessons delivered via audio, digital PDF/epub/mobi files to use on any device
  • Access to private Facebook Group for peer support
  • Fillable or printable worksheets and practical exercises every week 
  • Weekly check-ins with Cat via email and full support in the Facebook Group
  • The confidence you need to go after your creative goals!



If you’re on the fence at all, please email me with your questions/concerns. Email [cat (dot) neligan (at) gmail (dot) com]. This is my personal email address, and I read everything sent here myself.

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