What is the EMAIL ANSWER?

The Email Answer is an online program that gives you the skills to write persuasive, compelling emails that get READ, get REPLIES and GET CLIENTS.

So if you're sick of wasting your creative juices on pitches that don't even get opened (let alone get the answer you were hoping for) then read on!

... and WHO is it for?

  • Those who struggle to get their work seen by the 'big shots' and the 'gate keepers'
  • Freelancers and other creatives who want more of those dream clients but don't know how to pitch them 
  • Those who are terrified of the word... NO (so have stopped sending emails altogether)
  • Those who want media exposure, but have no idea who or how to contact journalists and editors
  • Those who have small social media audiences and no time to grow them
  • Those who don't have the big bucks to spend on PR agents, publicists or paid advertising

OK... So, whaddya get?

Become a Raving Fan

  • How (and why) to research your recipient
  • Understanding their personality and language
  • How to find your common ground
  • Why most emails get ignored (and what to do about it)
  • The best places to go to research your recipient
  • How to inject your personality into each email you write
  • How to find hidden email addresses

Get Yourself Organised

  • The miracle spreadsheet system that saves you hours (template included)
  • How to set yourself a routine for reaching out 
  • The best time (and sanity) saving email client add-ons and apps
  • How to use email tracking apps like a pro
  • How to use auto-scheduling tools to save you HOURS
  • Writing templates that don't make you sound like a spambot
  • The best way to organise your contacts so you don't feel overwhelmed
  • How to schedule your emails so you don't get snowed-under

Open Sesame

  • Why your subject line is responsible for 80% of your email success
  • How to write a subject line that can't be ignored
  • The two things every subject line needs
  • The 6 different subject line formulas that can fit any situation
  • How to 'warm up' your recipient before even writing an email
  • When to follow up and when to let it be
  • Two ways to write a follow up that won't get ignored

Putting it all together

  • The 3 step formula I use to write every pitch
  • When to share (and how to avoid over-sharing)
  • How to introduce yourself (leaving your elevator pitch at the door)
  • The beauty of bullets and how to avoid common 'list making' mistakes
  • The pressure-free way to end an email
  • BONUS: Full fill-in-the-blank email templates
  • The ultimate checklist for the entire Email Answer process


Specific Action Plans For:

  • Getting interviewed on podcasts
  • Writing for the Huff Post and other big online publishers
  • Reaching out to and working with influencers
  • Collaborating with your peers
  • Getting in front of journalists

Learn at your own pace

Whether you're a bit-by-bit learner or a binge learner: you can move through the program at your OWN pace

Tailored to your learning style

Trainings are delivered in a variety of formats to suit YOU: video, audio and written PDFs.

Email support and feedback

Need help at any point? Just get in touch with me and I will personally make sure you have everything you need for success.


That would be... me. Hi!

I'm Cat Rose, founder of the Creative Introvert and a bit of a dab-hand at writing emails that get results.​

After spending years crafting this email-writing formula, I've finally decided it's too good not to share. After all, my purpose here is to help my fellow creatives (introverts or otherwise) get their work seen by the right people and get the recognition they deserve.

Cat Rose

Where my emails have got me...

elephant journal

What kind of replies they get...

Janet MurraySoulful PR

I get loads of pitches - and most of them are rubbish. Cat’s was the second pitch I’ve ever accepted. It was really simple and straight to the point.

Various Program Students

Full of rock-solid advice and useful strategies

The videos were the perfect length - full of information but not waffley!

Christina CantersStand Out Get Mentioned

Cat's email was very well constructed - she wasn't just like "I should be a guest on your show, I'm a best selling author and I can talk for hours about business marketing and other stuff your podcast isn't about!"


When you can write in a way that communicates exactly what you want to say, and what you have to offer the world people start paying attention.

You get the 'yes' you were dreaming about. You can sell your products or services without feeling spammy or salesy.

You form genuine connections with the real influencers and people who will give you the kind of authority that takes years to create (without having to go to networking events or pick up the ph-ph-phone!)

When you can hit 'SEND' without wanting to curl up and hide in the corner, making new connections feels effortless. Opportunities start popping up and before long: you will be the one who's getting pitched.



Yep - there really is a money-back guarantee!

If you're not happy with the program, simply drop me an email within 14 days of starting the program and you'll receive a FULL refund.


Any questions about... anything?! I'd be happy to help! Just send an email to

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