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Creative Introvert book kindle

The Creative Introvert: How to Build a Life You Love On Your Terms will show you how to find YOUR sweet-spot. Learn how to identify and embrace your strengths, let go of trying to fit into someone else's box and create a successful business and life.

What's Inside?

This book is designed to take you through a 6-step process, each part focussing on a different area of the creative introvert journey. You can dip in and out of parts that appeal to you, OR follow the journey from start to... well, there is no 'finish' on this journey, but the book has an end!

Prepare: Learn what you need to be at your best

Learn how self-knowledge, mindset and positive psychology are foundational to creative career success. Without this foundation, taking action and applying the strategy will likely fall flat.

Plan: Get the clarity to move forward with confidence

You’ll gain clarity on what kind of life you’re carving out for yourself, and how to remove the overwhelm from that grand concept, breaking down any size of dream into practical, actionable steps.

Produce: How To Actually Get Things Done

If you've ever struggled with the procrastination gremlin, you'll be relieved to know that the battle ends here. You'll learn strategies and tools you can use in any situation to finally get it DONE.

Promote: Time To Get Your Art Out!

You'll learn how to market your work without feeling sleazy or pushy, you’ll learn how to identify, attract and sell to your dream clients or customers and get the exposure you so deserve. 

Process: Taking Stock and Correcting Course

Throughout this book you'll find an emphasis on experimentation. This section is where this scientific approach comes into its own. You'll learn how to run your own experiments that will show you exactly what you're doing that is working, and what you need to tweak.

People: Introverts Need Them Too

Just because we're introverts doesn't mean we can do this all alone. People are on every corner of your creative journey, and learning how to manage these relationships effectively is going to be the make or break difference in your success.

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I'm really loving this book! It's really engaging (in exactly the same way Cat's podcasts and newsletters are), lots of great examples and SO well structured.”



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Cat Rose has been exploring what it means to be a creative introvert and thrive in this noisy world since going freelance in 2013. Her podcast, The Creative Introvert helps thousands of creative introverts every month to create confidently, show their work and acknowledge their wins.

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Creative Introvert book kindle

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