An Online Course For Creatives Who Want More Exposure...
(but can't stand self-promotion) 

Over 4-weeks of online workshops, activities and support, you’ll learn how to get your art out - without feeling sleazy.

Camp starts August 1st 2016 but you can get your Early Bird discount (epic bonuses) when you PRE-ORDER today
Some people are naturals when it comes to talking about what they create, and showing it to others.

For some of us however, this is painfully difficult.

Being an introvert, I’d fall in to that latter category.

Can you relate to this...?

Networking events...

Social media...

Phone calls...

That question...

What I’ve discovered is going to change everything for us creative introverts.

I have found a way to start sharing my work, without feeling gross, and more importantly: get it found and shared by others.

If you’re up for it, I’d love you to join us at Get Your Art Out (GYAO) Summer Camp.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you’ll discover the blueprint I used to stop struggling and start making a living from doing what you love.

What You Get From Summer Camp:

WEEK 1: Get Your Mind Right

Get over the mindset blocks that sabotage you from being discovered.
Develop confidence in yourself and your work.
Identify and embrace your strengths.

WEEK 2: Know Thyself

Learn how to talk about yourself and what you do.
Get clear on your message.
Write a killer elevator pitch and bio.

WEEK 3: Find Your Lobster

Understand who the people are who want your thing.
Discover where they are and how to find them.
Learn how to use online tools to connect with others.

WEEK 4: Connect & Conspire

Learn how to turn cold contacts into warm pals.
Craft the perfect pitch (that won't get trashed.)
Develop a system that makes this process pain-free.

  • 4 weeks of classes to learn at your own pace

Each week you’ll focus on one area - from mindset to marketing to making things happen.

Structured in a way to help you regardless of what stage you’re at in your creative journey.

  • Over 6 hours of video training

Every class comes in video format, in manageable 5-10 minute chunks.

Plus: back-up PDF transcriptions and audio files are included.

  • Expert insights & interviews

Find out what got these successful creatives to where they are today (hint: it wasn’t keeping their work to themselves)

Actionable advice from David Parrish, Ilise Benun, Meg Kissack and more...

  • Lifetime access

If you don’t get through the course in 4 weeks, no worries!

You have lifetime access to all the classes and additional resources.

  • Workbooks, done-for-you templates + organised checklists

It’s really important that you put what you learn into action - with these tools and activities, you’re guaranteed to get sh…tuff done!

  • Private Facebook group support

For the duration of the 4 weeks you'll have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support, and share your progress.

  • Guest expert video workshops

Joining me is a team of fellow counsellors, delivering exclusive workshops in their areas of expertise.


Summer Camp wouldn't be complete without a host of Camp Counsellors! With a heady mix of bonus workshops and insightful interviews, our guest experts make this training program unlike anything else...


MYTH #1: You have to spend hours on social media

I used to think I’d have to give every weekend to the social media gods. Posting and commenting and replying and… Ain’t nobody got time for that.

It can actually be fun (yes fun!) and amazingly effective - when you learn to wield it’s massive potential. Oh - and it doesn’t need to take time away from making art.

MYTH #2: You need more talent to be successful

The ability to be a successful artist isn’t some superpower that a lucky few are born with. It’s an ability you can learn.

Yes, over time, you will grow and create even better art.

But more time, more hard work, more ‘talent’, isn’t necessary for you to start sharing what you do NOW, and be valued by others.

MYTH #3: You’re a sell-out if you self-promote

Since when did we have to be starving artists to be authentic? Heck, do you think Michaelangelo would have painted the Sistine Chapel without the pope coughing up the cash?

It’s time to change the story - as Bill Withers said: "The best sign you can put up is SOLD OUT"

That's What She (and He) Said...


"Full of rock-solid advice and useful strategies"


"Sharing my work, asking questions, and answering others peoples' questions can be terrifying, but knowing that everyone in this group feels the exact same way makes it a lot easier."


"Cat was a pleasure to work with – super reliable and dedicating to helping me get sh*t done!"


I'm all about early birds getting the worm - actually, something better than a slimy worm.

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