#01: Complete Birth Chart Reading

An in-depth look at your world, that started the moment you came out of the oven! In the course of our chat, you can expect to learn about: your personal strengths, gifts, weaknesses and blindspots, where you might find opportunities for success in your life and where life might present you with greater challenges. We will also look at upcoming transits to explore what you can expect to come in the next year.

Sessions are 60 minutes and held on Zoom. You will receive a recording of the reading.

£130 (approx $165 USD) 

#02: Advanced Birth Chart Reading

This is for astrology enthusiasts who already have an understanding of their Sun, Moon and other planetary placements, and would like to explore specific questions and life events. Examples of techniques used include: Zodiacal Releasing, the progressed chart, the Lots of Daimon and Fortune and much more.

Sessions are 60 minutes and held on Zoom. You will receive a recording of the reading.

£130 (approx $165 USD) 


#03: Meet Your Daimon

Have you ever worked on a creative project for hours straight, without eating or drinking or going to the bathroom? We forget our material limitations when we’re possessed with the urge to create. Ancient astrologers believed this creative force to be your daimon; a being that we can come to know and work with, and astrology is a practice that lets the daimon speak so that we can follow it and express ourselves at our creative best.

Sessions are 60 minutes and held on Zoom. You will receive a recording of the reading.

£130 (approx $165 USD) 

#04: Monthly Astrology Forecast Consultation

This is for you if you want a personal 1:1 catch up each month on what the stars have in store for you. I take into account the upcoming transits (from the date of our first call) and how they will play out based on your birth chart.

Sessions are 60 minutes and held on Zoom. You will receive a recording of each reading. Recommended for clients who have previously had a reading with me only.

Fee: £60 per month / approx. $80 USD.


Astrology Tutoring

I also offer 1:1 astrology tutoring sessions, where we can work on theory, as well as look at charts to help you in your astrology studies and practice. I have been trained by Acyuta-bhava Das as well as Chris Brennan, and see clients most days of the week. I also have a background in small business marketing, so we can also discuss how to grow your astrology practice professionally.

Other services include:

Electional astrology

What’s the best time to launch your website or a new product? When should you hit ‘send’ on that email? These are the kinds of questions electional astrology can answer. Bring me a question, and time period and I’ll identify the precise moment you can pull the trigger for the best possible outcome.

Birth chart Rectification

Having an accurate birth time is incredibly important for many techniques in astrology. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a precise birth time, and miss out on the true value astrology can bring. The good news is, we can do some cosmic detective work and figure out a much more likely birth time for you!

Transit updates

If you’ve already had a reading with me, you can book a discounted reading (£85/$115) for planetary updates and to find out what the next 6–12 months have in store for you, as well as addressing any current concerns you have. Recommended every solar return!

Discovering Your

Personal Daimon

This book will take you on an adventure to discovering your personal daimon, using approaches grounded in ancient theories and practices, leaving you with no doubts that there is indeed a guiding force in your life, and that you can get to know intimately what – and who – that is.