An Alternative New Years Resolution

I’m fighting the part of me that wants to indulge in sharing my entire 2016 breakdown : a review of the highs, the lows, my take on the political climate…

But I can’t see that as being very useful to you.

Not a fan of New Years' Resolutions? Here's my alternative >>>

What I do think might be worthwhile is discussing this trend of setting ‘words’ for the year ahead.

An Alternative New Years Resolution

I guess part of me sees it as a way for us type-A Chronic Overachievers to cut ourselves some slack, and get a bit ‘fuzzier’ with our intentions.

Of course: I still have my hard + fast goals: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly… Heck, I even have a whole fool-proof system for goal setting.

But I see these goals more as to-do lists.

l attempt not to attach any emotions to these: just as most people wouldn’t look at a map and a set of directions and get overly excited, overwhelmed or anxious.

The problem with just having ‘to-do list’ style goals is that we can get a bit… lost when we aren’t hitting them.

Or when our ambitions change and we want to course-correct.

The problem with goals

If you decide you don’t want to go to your destination after all because another is calling you, what good is your map and directions then?

It’s times like these you can feel a little lost – and maybe a bit down. After all, you ‘failed’ to go to where you set out.

Well you can leave those BS feelings at the door!

When you detach from the bloody map and directions, and instead use your internal compass (I’m amazed at how well this analogy is working…) you can ALWAYS be sure you’re going in the right direction.

So. This internal compass… how the heck do you use this thing?!

Not a fan of New Years' Resolutions? Here's my alternative >>>

This has been somewhat of a theme for me in 2016, as I basically started to pay more attention to how I FELT over what I thought.

Not an easy task for this overthinking analysing obsessive…

Here’s how I did it: I explored what feelings l was attaching to words. Language is just something we’ve constructed to simplify communication.

Super helpful when it comes to ordering a pumpkin spice latte with soy milk and an extra shot.

Less helpful when we’re trying to work out WTF we want to do with our lives.

Feelings > Words

We can know what we want intellectually (especially when parents, teachers and advertisers have been telling us this all our lives…)

But actually knowing what we want deep down can be a little tricky at first.

If takes time to sit with our feelings and actually accept that the words we tie to them mean very little. The feelings we get when we’re anxious or excited are actually the same.


I picked 3 feelings for 2017 because I’m prioritising how I want to feel over what I want to do or have – or even be.

Annoyingly, I’m going to have to represent these feelings in words for now, to share them with you and keep myself somewhat accountable. But maybe I’ll update you later with a representational dance or abstract work of art…

Anyway, for now, my three feelings for 2017 are:





Not only are these linked to some of my core values (like generosity, contribution, joy, security…) they are also feelings that can steer me towards my goals.

In a service-based business, and with everything I’m creating online: coming from a place of GIVING is key.

When I think of all those who have inspired and educated me, they’ve got one thing in common: they give from a place of sheer abundance. It’s unmistakable, and it builds loyalty like nothing else.

Then there’s TRUST: think about how important trust is when you’re starting a potentially risky new venture? I have no fucking clue how my business is going to look in 6 months: all I can do is trust that my actions will take me to the place I’m aiming for.

Finally: to APPRECIATE everything from the warm mug of Earl Grey at my side, to the hum of my old laptop, to a new email subscriber: I don’t know anything better for lifting my mood and giving me the motivation to keep on truckin’.

l’ll leave you with that, the last post of 2016, and wish you a 2017 full of all the feels.

Tell me, are you setting any New Years Resolutions, or ‘Feelings’ for 2017?