Rebecca Fox on Comics, Creativity and Curiosity

Today I’m interviewing my co-host on my other podcast, The Seeker and the Skeptic, the marvellous Rebecca Fox. If you haven’t checked our show out already, we’re basically exploring all sorts of belief systems, people and places who tend to divide public opinion. So far we’ve investigated ayahuasca – first hand – we’ve been to […]

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The Value of Taking Breaks

In this video I’m talking about the value of taking breaks, treating rest time as recovery time, and simple yet effective ways we can integrate breaks into our lives for increased enthusiasm, joy and creativity. Links Mentioned: Scribd link to get 2 months free Iain McGilchrist, The Master and his Emissary Study about daydreaming Astrology […]

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The Stages of Creativity

Today I’m talking about the stages of creativity and how we might work with them in a really practical way in our lives. I’ll also be launching monthly Creative Moon Circles as of TODAY! These will consist of me talking a little bit about the particular full moon we’re experiencing, how it might play into […]

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Mark Rogers on Becoming a Professional Artist

Mark Rogers is a Portland-based artist whose work I’ve been obsessed with for quite some time. I was keen to chat to Mark because I was so curious about his creative process (when you see his work you’ll understand why!) and the journey he’s been on in becoming a professional artist. We discuss… Using our […]

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What is Creativity, Anyway?

What is creativity anyway? What does it mean to create, to be creative? Is it something we all have? Can we all do it? Can we all be it? And if so, can we become more creative? Is there some kind of definitive measuring stick for creativity? Now that’s the INTJ in me speaking, but […]

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Why You Can’t Get What You Want (Ever)

Today I want to talk to you about wanting things, all the things – and why we simply can’t get what we want. Ever. Sorry to burst your bubble. I promise there will be something redeeming and positive in today’s message: I want to prove to you that it can actually be a GOOD thing […]

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Josh Ryan

Josh Ryan on Kickstarter Campaigns and Getting a Book Deal

Today’s guest, Josh Ryan is a designer and illustrator based out of Houston, Texas. He specialises in creating products and visuals that connect people through shared experience, emotional connection, and quirky humour. Josh’s work has been featured on HuffPost,, Houstonia Magazine, the Houston Chronicle, and – most importantly – his mum’s refrigerator. We cover […]

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the daimon

The Daimon and Creativity

This maybe the podcast I’ve done most research for in the history of the Creative Introvert, and not just book research. It’s a topic that’s been brewing somewhere in my mind, whether it’s consciously or otherwise, and I finally have my ideas in a place where I’m ready to share and fairly confident in my […]

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