The Year of Fun #36: Paint a Bowl

This week is a part 2 Year of Fun adventure, a follow up from the time I made a bowl at the Art & Pottery shop. If that isn’t exciting enough (!) I also make a little announcement… Tune in to find out! POWERED BY PATREONThis podcast is made possible only by means of my […]

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Alex Pearson

CIP076: Alex Pearson on What Makes Us Creative

Today I had the chance to talk to the lovely Alex Pearson, founder of one of the World’s Greatest Bookshops (as voted by Lonely Planet guides) and the Yurt Academy, here in Brighton.   We discuss: How to define creativity What makes us creative Does having a lot of passions help creativity? The myth of […]

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The Year of Fun #35: Visit a Medium

Oh boy am I hesitant about sharing THIS one: the one in which I visit a medium. As in, someone who channels spirits. Especially after last week’s yoga one, or any of my other more New Age adventures… because this really takes the biscuit. And at the same time, I’m certainly not judging anyone who […]

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It's ok not to do it

CIP075: It’s OK To Not Do It

I have a bit of a personal one today, that comes from a lesson I’ve struggled a lot with learning. See, some of the stuff I share with you are lessons I’ve learned fairly easily, I see a better way of thinking or doing or being and I change my ways, without too much fuss. […]

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The Year of Fun #34: Yoga Teacher Training

Oh yes, I will not deny this one is a bit left field. I mean, how often have I mentioned yoga on this blog or podcast, ever? When I told some friends that I was going to be taking a YTT 200 – or a yoga teacher training course that leaves me minimally qualified to […]

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Cat Byrne

CIP074: Cat Byrne on Freelancing and Burnout

In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Cat Byrne of Gatto Web, someone who I have a lot in common with – and not just the name. What we talked about: How Cat got started in web design Being forced into either the ‘creative’ route or the ‘science’ route How […]

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The Year of Fun #33: Botanical Illustration Workshop

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a 3 hour workshop on Botanical Illustration with the Yurt Academy. Honestly I was a bit nervous before I went, partly because I’ve never attempted a formal illustration class, though I’ve done a fair amount of life drawing. Also, botanical illustration is no joke! If you can […]

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The Year of Fun #32: Host a Creative Meetup

I’ve been in two minds trying to decide what fun I could share with you this week – you might have noticed I missed last week’s fun update, and that was because I was away in Menorca (a small Balearic island) and had a pretty impossible wifi connection. So my debate was whether or not […]

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CIP072: Jean Smith on Flirting for Introverts

In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Jean Smith, social and cultural anthropologist and social intelligence coach. This podcast is BY FAR the one I’ve most hesitated to publish because… I get coached. I don’t get coached on something you might expect either – not a topic we normally tackle on […]

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