Jas Hothi on Being a Highly Sensitive Introvert

Today’s podcast guest is a writer, introvert blogger, a self-taught marketer… and a life-long learner. He also claims that his bio changes about as frequently as he eats Nando’s chicken… so I guess this could be different by the time I publish our chat!

Jas is also an INFP, an HSP (which we’ll be discussing in depth on today’s show) and a multi-potentialite.


We discuss:

  • What it means to be a highly sensitive introvert
  • The most likely Myers Briggs types to be HSPs
  • The link between writing and INF types

Jas Hothi

Links mentioned:

Lauren Sapala

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

Nomad List

Jas’s blog for INF’s

Connect with Jas on TwitterInstagram & LinkedIn

The HSP/Myers Briggs study 

The difference between empaths and highly sensitive people



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