Heather Hollick on What Networking Really Is

On today’s episode I chat with Heather Hollick all about what networking really is and how to build real relationships especially if you’re an introvert. We have a super fun conversation talking about: How to help your friends to understand your introversion How Heather learnt networking skills and reinvented the meaning of networking in the […]

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Why Those Productivity Tips Don’t Work For You

This is something that’s taken me quite a few years and many, many chats with various creative introverts to discover: not all tips to be productive work for me or you or anyone for that matter. Yeah, I know. Mind = blown. Maybe you already knew that. But maybe you didn’t and you were like […]

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phyllis brasenell

Phyllis Brasenell on Relationship-Based Marketing

Today’s podcast guest is a business and marketing consultant and strategist – and one who has a refreshingly different take on those things that as creative introverts we tend to want to avoid – namely that sales, marketing and general putting-self-out-there piece. We have a super fun conversation talking about: Why it’s okay (and even […]

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Andy Mort on Gentleness as an Act of Rebellion

Today’s guest is someone who I’ve been meaning to have on the podcast since… before it even existed. Andy Mort is the host of the Gentle Rebel Podcast, a musician, an undertaker and someone who is very much on my wave length (fellow INTJ too!) We talk about: The challenges introvert musicians face The stigma […]

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Creative Calling

How To Find Your Creative Calling

Some of us have known what we wanted to be since we were little rug rats scribbling with crayons. A doctor, a firefighter, an astronaut – for some this has actually come true. But for the vast majority of us, we’ve floated through life – occasionally drawn to and captivated by something that convinced us […]

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Acamea Deadwiler

Acamea Deadwiler on Being Single as an Introvert

According to today’s podcast guest, being single does not mean being broken, lonely, or desperate. And whether or not you already knew that, it can feel like society at large is sending us another message. I rarely talk about matters of relationships on the podcast – mostly because I’m certainly no expert there – but […]

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Your Story

What’s Your Story?

Everything we’ve experienced to this point plays a part in our overall story. And they don’t all have to flow together neatly into some overused Heroes Journey (though, it is overused for a reason, I’ll grant you.) The story I most often tell is how I left my job. I use this to illustrate how […]

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lauren sapala

Lauren Sapala on Being an INFJ Writer

  Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Sapala, author, blogger, and writing coach. I’ve been following Lauren for quite some time now on the Intro-Twittersphere and have found her to be a fount of advice on writing, marketing your writing and doing it all as a highly sensitive, creative introvert. After reading her […]

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Creativity and Introversion in Your Birth Chart

As you probably know if you’ve been listening to my podcast for any amount of time; I’ve been curious about personality type psychology as well as creativity and how creativity manifests itself in different people for several years. I did NOT expect astrology to come into the picture… until it did (more about that story […]

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