Ideas For Developing Each Element

These are just some (hopefully) fun ideas you can try to incorporate to develop your balance of elements. You could also mix it up, say if you want to develop both your Water and Air elements, you could make a date each week to take a long bath and read while you soak in the tub!

More Air!

  • Breathe – count six deep breaths whenever you feel your emotions overwhelming
  • Daydream – put time aside each day to let your imagination run wild
  • Read – go to your local library and pick a section you’ve never visited before

More Earth!

  • Garden – and if you don’t have a garden, get a plant (it’s also fun to repot plants)
  • Walk on the grass barefoot – feels epic, especially after a long journey or long day at work
  • Experiment with fabrics – this could mean anything from wearing an item of clothing with a different texture than you’re familiar with, to reupholstering an old cushion with a new fabric

More Fire!

  • Get active – anything that gets your heart rate up like going for a brisk walk, a bike ride, dancing, playing with your kids etc
  • Paint – abstract, bright and messy tends to work well!
  • Get involved with something you care about – this is the difference between reading some angry political texts on Twitter to actually taking productive action and going to a local Meetup about the issue

More Water!

  • Listen to music – classical would be my first recommendation, followed by some chilled electronica – anything that you find soothing will work though
  • Read some poetry – if you need recommendations, ask! there are some fantastic online communities for poetry fans (mostly creative introverts too!)
  • Go for a swim – for obvious reasons (alternative: take a nice long bath!)

These suggestions might seem a bit silly, and it might not be obvious as to how they will actually help in balancing out some of these ‘elements.’

But this I know to be true: when you start paying attention to your patterns, whether it’s your emotions, thoughts or behaviours, and make an active effort to address them… things DO shift. And for the better.

I’m not preaching that we all need a perfect balance of every single trait and preference known to mankind – that would be so DULL! I just know how much better I feel since beginning to actively identify and address these imbalances in my own life.

I’m still first and foremost a fiery, creative, introverted Cat.

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