7 Skills That Make Introverts Great Entrepreneurs

It’s kind of weird how our minds work.

When we become focussed on a concept or obsessed with a new idea, it’s like that thing is EVERYWHERE.

Currently, I’m obsessed with personality types. Specifically: introverts.

More and more, I’m hearing and reading that all these great entrepreneurs I look up to are, in fact, introverts. Just like me.

Which is INCREDIBLY reassuring.

It wasn’t so long ago that I had serious doubts whether I could, as an introvert, be a great entrepreneur.

I couldn’t imagine getting on camera and broadcasting live to the world (or, 20 or so trolls + 10 or so very kind people) but now I’m on Periscope and Facebook Live…

Awkward scope!

All of this pondering about successful introverts in business led me to actually do some research around the area, and find out what it is exactly that makes this personality type of ours a good match for entrepreneurship.

I figured that way, I’d know how to double down on those characteristics of mine, and play to my introverted strengths.

Without further babble, here are…

7 Skills That Make Introverts Great Entrepreneurs

1. They’re great listeners

It can certainly help to have the gift of the gab as an entrepreneur: you can spread your ideas to others and negotiate when you need something.

But listening is a skill that can propel a relationship and is required to be a great leader of others.

A study by Adam Grant revealed that employees were more likely to be proactive and productive under introverted leadership, as they felt more encouraged.

Extroverted leaders tended to be more likely to feel threatened by employee proactivity, and less likely to listen to suggestions from staff.

2. They keep meetings concise

Meetings can be an incredible time-suck for many businesses, but if an introvert is in charge, you can guarantee it will be brief and concise.

By their nature, introverts will become drained after spending a lengthy time in a group of people.

They also find it easier to be creative when thinking alone, which may negate the need for open brainstorming meetings, where little gets achieved.

3. Their speeches are well-prepared

Because introverts prefer to write their ideas down rather than talk them out, their speech preparation is guaranteed to be thorough and well though out.

Aspects like getting over stage-jitters can be worked on, but writing a great speech is difficult to teach and an introverted entrepreneur can always use this to their advantage.

4. They desire focus

Introverts naturally strive for focus: whereas extroverts tend to be easily distracted by new ideas and thoughts.

Having focus as an entrepreneur is key to reaching goals and staying on track.

5. They’re self motivated

Extroverts typically process information externally, which effects how they make decisions and form opinions. On seeking for affirmation of an idea, they might rely on others to give them this reinforcement.

Conversely, introverts source their motivation from within, and are less likely to need guidance and support from others – who may or may not lead them astray.

6. They make decisions carefully

Whilst being too risk-averse can be a negative trait as an entrepreneur, there is benefit in being prudent.

Careful decision making is a trait of the analytical introvert, and serves as a healthy balance to the more daring entrepreneurs.

7. They can work alone

Being able to be comfortable working alone is a huge benefit to entrepreneurs, especially when starting out.

Business can be lonely, whether it’s being physically alone whilst working from a home office, or emotionally as people around you aren’t going through the same issues.

Introverts thrive when alone – or at least have a greater capacity for it (trust me, we need people too!)

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So as you can see, it’s a TOTAL myth that you need to be an extrovert to be an entrepreneur.

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Are you an introverted entrepreneur?

Do you think it hinders you in your business or not?