How to write a blog post when you have NO time

How to Write a Blog Post When You Have NO Time

So you’re in a nice routine of pushing out a blog post once a week. May be more. May be less. But you’re getting it done. Then all of a sudden… life gets cray. Everything else seems to take priority and your blog posts go unpublished – and your consistency goes down the pan. Blogging […]

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10 Ways Introverts Can Promote Their Business

The first time I took the Myers-Briggs personality test I was left somewhat confused. I didn’t fully understand what ‘introversion’ meant, and couldn’t care less for that matter. What could a test tell me about myself I didn’t already know? I realise now, in the midst of the ‘quiet revolution‘ that seems to be taking […]

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Social Media Burnout

6 Tips for Preventing Social Media Burnout

Just around one year ago, I diagnosed myself with SMSD. You’re wondering what SMSD is?  The symptoms are: Inability to sleep (without checking instagram one last time) Brain fog (caused by overdosing on cat videos) Lowered self-esteem (due to comparing self to others achievements) Chronic stress (from managing several different social media accounts at once) There […]

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10 books for the n00b entrepreneur

10 Books For the Newbie Entrepreneur

When you struggle to spell ‘entrepreneur’, it’s easy to feel like a total n00b. Thankfully, these books have been a huge help to me on my entrepreneurial (phew!) journey, and I love them so much, I thought I’d share them – a little thank you to their wonderful authors. My 10 Books For the N00b Entrepreneur […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Promoting a Blog Post

Ever felt like you’ve written the internet’s most epic post – it’s useful, well-written, entertaining… but only a handful of folk read it? Yep, sometimes writing a great blog post just isn’t enough. That’s when we pull out the big guns. Well, this post outlines my big guns – all 10 of ’em! It’s a […]

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How to Turn a Blog Post into a Slide Deck Using Canva

Repurposing content seems to be all the rage at the moment. With so many platforms available to share our content, I for one feel a bit of pressure to be everywhere at once. (Pssst! I also made a checklist to guide you through this step-by-step. Download it below!) Fortunately, there are tools out there that make this a […]

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