CIP 003: The C Word (Not Another How-To-Act-More-Confident Guide)

This episode of the Creative Introvert Podcast is for anyone who is sick and tired of all the patronising, overly simplistic, overly complicated or just sappy self-help goop about CONFIDENCE.

Not another 'hot to act more confident' guide >>

Confidence is a word that has been muddied by the likes of ‘confidence gurus’ and other extroverted self-help characters who I simply can’t relate to.

Here’s what I cover:

  • My own struggles in low confidence
  • What I did to overcome low body-confidence
  • How I went from camera-phobic to live streaming
  • Myths about confidence we need to shatter
  • GOYA action tips for creating true confidence

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I really hope you enjoy the episode, and of course I’d appreciate any feedback on these early shows.

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Psssst! If you cringe at the ‘c’ word too, but know deep down it’s something you’d like to increase: I’d love to share the free course I made to do just that.

You’ll get trainings sent to you every day for 7 days, with action steps every day that have really helped increase my own – er ‘trust’ and ‘belief’ in myself – and hopefully they’ll help you too!