CIP 012: James Scully on Portfolio Careers

In this episode of The Creative Introvert podcast I interview James Scully.

James Scully

James Scully is a native Brooklynite, a total Renaissance man, and founder of the Wallbreakers.

More than a blog, the Wallbreakers is a mission to help us discover how to live a life doing the things we’re most passionate about.

We discuss:

  • The best burgers in NYC
  • The Golden Age of Radio
  • Having a ‘portfolio career’
  • Working a fulltime job and pursuing a side-gig
  • Are smartphones killing TV?
  • The problem with our education system


James Scully


Connect with James:


Podcast: Breaking Walls on Soundcloud

Twitter: @thewallbreakers

Tumblr: thewallbreakers.tumblr

Instagram: @thewallbreakers




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