CIP019: An Introvert’s Guide To Cracking Conversation

In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert Podcast, we tackle what makes for a cracking conversation – and how introverts can, er, crack it.


First of all let’s clarify this myth about introverts being social recluses who hate people.

Hopefully you know that that is bullshit – unless that is the case for you, well, just know it’s not true for all introverts.

I LOVE a good chat with someone. Not even close friends – I’ve been known to enjoy talking to strangers sometimes just as much.


There are a few conditions that make for a stellar introvert conversation – and a few conditions that make for a dire one.


The kind where you want the ground to part and to be sucked in to a black abyss – just to relieve you of the awfulness.

Anyway – the point of this podcast is to acknowledge the conditions that generally make for a great conversation if you are an introvert OR if you’re an extrovert talking to an introvert – some things to consider.

Not every conversation will be wonderful – whether it’s at work, at family gatherings, parties – if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself at one – and general day-to-day activities.

BUT I’m convinced that with these tips I’m about to outline, you’ll be able to steer a conversation into a much more introvert-friendly direction, use your natural introvert strengths to make it even better – and get the fuck out of it if it is really that bad.


What I cover:

  • Why introverts are at a disadvantage when speaking in meetings and debates
  • What to do when you keep getting interrupted
  • The real deal with eye contact
  • The top mistake we make when meeting in a public location
  • Small talk – how to make it big talk (without being weird)

Links mentioned:

How noise affects us

Patricia Weber

Laurie Helgoe – Introvert Power

Amy Cuddy’s TED talk

Erich Fromm’s Art of Listening

Alain de Botton – The Course of Love


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