Despite the popularity of Susan Cain’s TED talk and best-selling book Quiet:,The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, many people still see introversion as a negative trait. Even those who identify with the term see it as a fault in their character, and many are using this negative perception of the term as an excuse. They let introversion limit their vision for the future, and dampen their thoughts and actions.

I can relate to this mindset. When a friend suggested I was an introvert, I didn’t want to accept it.

In my experience, being called shy and quiet meant I was flawed in some way. Understanding introversion helped me separate these traits. Shyness is different from choosing to say few words. Introversion is different still. There are subtle nuances which, when acknowledged, allow us to deepen our understanding of ourselves and others. It means we can identify specific situations and environments that don’t suit us, and double down on the ones that do.

This is why the #IntrovertEpiphany campaign exists. I’ve had countless conversations with other introverts (some live on my podcast) that have revealed the power of fully embracing the term ‘introvert’ and what this has done for dramatically enhancing lives.

It might be a boisterous extrovert who thinks her partner hates her friends. When she realises he’s an introvert, she understands his need for solitary time and more intimate social situations and can accept them.

It might be a new graduate who has found themselves in a much sought-after job position. They can’t understand why they’re so drained after a few hours in the open-plan, high-energy office environment. When they understand their introversion, they make plans with their boss for flexible working hours, allowing for a head start on their working day. They cherish that one hour of quiet time before their colleagues arrive, and their productivity goes up too.

If more introverts can share their epiphanies: their ‘before and after’ experience with understanding their introversion, then I think we can make a significant positive impact on those who are still in the shadows of what our predominantly extrovert societies have told us to be.

To take part in the campaign, here are some simple options:

1) Write about your Introvert Epiphany on your blog

There are no limits to word count or structure. Ideally, you’ll link to this post about the campaign, so others can find out more and join in to. It also means I can find your post easily, and share it on my own social media channels.

2) Write about your Introvert Epiphany on social media

Facebook and Instagram are perfect for this. It also means you can use the hashtag #IntrovertEpiphany so others can find your post and I can share it too.

There are graphics available for you to use, to save you time making your own (though you’re free to do that too.)

3) Tell me about your Introvert Epiphany (even if you don’t have your own platform)

This is the option for you if you DON’T have a blog or any other social media profiles. I don’t blame you for opting out!

It’s also a great option if you would prefer to use a template to structure your story.

If you do still want to share your epiphany, even anonymously (you don’t have to leave your name) you can simply fill in this form that will help you tell your story.

All stories are appreciated!

4) Make a video talking about your Introvert Epiphany

Ahh – the boldest of options! If you have a Youtube account or want to make a Facebook Live, Instagram Story or post a video, this would be the most powerful of all.

We connect best to hearing voices, and even if you don’t want to show your face, you can point the camera at something else.

Either way, your courage to make a video will be extremely appreciated, and if you use the hashtag #IntrovertEpiphany I’ll be sure to find it and thank you personally.




If you don’t have an introvert epiphany of your own, maybe you have a friend who does? If so, simply share this post with them, and encourage them to share their before and after story with others.

Do you have any questions? Just email me:

Happy Introvert Epiphanying!


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