Successful Introverts in Business #1: Jenna Black

I’m picking back up on my interview series to bring you a mini-showcase of successful introverts in business.

My aim is to prove to the world that introversion does not hinder success in business – in fact, it can be a total superpower.

First up: Jenna Black.

Jenna is a business and personal brand strategist working with game-changing, introverted women and purpose-seeking solopreneurs. Jenna mentors female entrepreneurs to get clear and confident in their brand so they can make a bigger impact and more income, while staying true to them.

Interview Jenna Black

I think it was this post on how us introverts can build our online presence that first grabbed my attention and got me hooked on Jenna’s message. Plus, her blog is totally beautiful.

Successful Introverts in Business

1. What has been your biggest struggle you’ve faced, as an introvert in business?

It would definitely be getting visible and putting myself out there, when naturally I would be happy working away quietly by myself! As a business and brand strategist, I know how crucial it is to get visible and build a brand presence online, so I set myself small achievable goals over time to increase my confidence and stretch myself.

I use a method called ‘Power Hour’ each day where I spend one hour marketing and engaging with people online. This helps me to maintain visibility without feeling like I always have to be ‘on’. I do this in the mid morning when I’m most energised.

2. If you had one piece of advice for yourself when you first started your business, what would it be?

Play to your strengths. When I started my business, I was trying to fit into a mould of how I thought I should run my business based on what others were doing in my industry. I quickly realised things weren’t working because I was forcing myself to do things that weren’t natural to me.

Successful Introverts in Business

I really advise people to find that sweet spot in their business where they are doing work they both LOVE and that comes naturally to them. When you can find this zone of genius and then match it to a need in your niche, you’ll strike gold. Don’t do what everyone else is doing just because you think you have to. Follow your own path!

3. What is your biggest strength as an introvert?

I believe as introverts we have so many amazing strengths! For me personally, it would be my ability to learn and listen from others and then create specific solutions for my community that really hit the spot. I’m naturally quiet and more of an observer, but I’ve come to see how this is such a powerful thing when running your own business and delivering those solutions.

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Successful Introverts in Business

 Are you an introverted business owner?

How do you use your introversion as a superpower?

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