Successful Introverts in Business #2: Lesley Taylor

It’s been one smokin’ hot minute since the last interview in my Successful Introverts in Business series, but it’s worth the wait!

This time I managed to get Lesley Taylor, author of The Dynamic Introvert. This book covers leadership, branding and self-promotion, with practical advice from Lesley’s own experiences in business, tailored (or Taylor-ed? sorry) to the introvert.

An interview with Lesley Taylor, The Dynamic Introvert. Click through to read her take on leadership, branding and marketing as a successful introvert in business >>>

Susan Cain may have set off the spark that has lit this current bonfire of interest in introversion (as well as my own) with Quiet, but there is a lot left to be said in terms of how the introvert can best use their personality type to succeed in all areas of life – and Lesley has played a huge role in carrying the conversation over to the business world.


Regardless of whether you’re interested in leadership, any creative who is following their own path and looking to make a difference, can benefit from the lessons in The Dynamic Introvert.

Now! To the interview with Lesley:


1. What has been the biggest struggle you’ve faced as an introvert?

So far the biggest struggle has been getting comfortable with “the sales call”. I am a Toastmaster and I find public speaking easier than picking up the phone and doing a sales call. In order to feel more comfortable selling I am learning all I can about what is involved.

I think that might be an introvert tendency. I know it is easier to make a “warm” call rather than a “cold” call so whenever possible I ask people in my network for referrals.

I am learning all I can about what is involved before I jump in with both feet.

2. What advice would you give yourself, if you were starting again today?

I would strongly recommend that finding a mentor early on. I self-published my book The Dynamic Introvert and consequently had a very steep learning curve as I knew nothing about the publishing industry when I started out.

Looking back I can see how a mentor would have helped speed things up for me and the support would have been welcome. Mentors are also great for introducing their mentees to people in their network which would have been an added bonus.

3. What is your biggest strength as an introvert?

I have the ability to see connections and to take in information from different sources which makes it possible for me to come up with something new and different.

I think this stems from my ability to really look and listen to what is going on and spend time on my own quietly making sense of what I’ve learned.

Thank you so much Lesley! I’ve recently become a Toastmaster myself and even though public speaking still isn’t easy for me, I agree sales calls are even more terrifying 😉

Now a question for you, dear reader!

What’s your biggest strength as an introvert?

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