Karen Curry Parker on Human Design

Today I have Karen Curry Parker on to talk about Human Design, a system you may have heard of before. I found Karen’s work when trying to decipher the mysterious chart that had been generated (you can get yours here) and was so grateful for her way of explaining things. We talk about the five […]

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Creativity and Introversion in Your Birth Chart

As you probably know if you’ve been listening to my podcast for any amount of time; I’ve been curious about personality type psychology as well as creativity and how creativity manifests itself in different people for several years. I did NOT expect astrology to come into the picture… until it did (more about that story […]

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Year of Fun

The Year of Fun #43: Get An Astrology Reading

Dammit – I promised myself I’d recorded my last woo-woo Year of Fun adventure, but here we are. Getting an astrology reading. After growing increasingly curious about astrology over the past year or so, I figured it was finally time to see what it would be like to get my birth chart – the map […]

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