My introvert epiphany

CIP096: My Introvert Epiphany

I remember clearly being called ‘shy’ as a child. Sometimes ‘quiet.’ I despised the latter more. At least with ‘shy’ it felt like a virus I had caught. Being called ‘quiet’ suggested I had nothing to say. But I had lots to say, just not out loud. Either way, I knew that they weren’t terms […]

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The Year of Fun #17: Audience Participation

Last weekend was opening weekend and I surprised myself: I got stuck in to Brighton Festival for the first time.   On Saturday I went with a friend to a comedy gig. I didn’t have much in terms of expectations, I just knew it was at the right time of day (early evening – I’m […]

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The Year of Fun #16: Book Club

Reading is one of the best solitary activities there is, and I for one have always been – since I could read I guess – a big old book worm.   But one thing that you can’t do alone, is discuss the book afterwards – and this is something I love to do. It’s like […]

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The Year of Fun #15: BrightonSEO Conference

What what – an introvert at a conference!? I know – but remember I do like a challenge… This was an unexpectedly fun part of my week, and my conclusion for why this was is… FOCUS. My funk last week, I believe, is down to a lack of focus. A feeling that is definitely disturbing […]

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The Year of Fun #14: Ice Cream at the Seaside

Another Year of Fun – another thing or two I’ve learned about FUN! Firstly, I have a confession to make.     I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately… nothing serious, just a bit of apathy that I know will pass. What’s weird is that things that might have excited me and challenged […]

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The Year of Fun #13: Make a Collage

Here we are – the 13th week of Fun in the year. Since we last spoke I had a birthday, exited my twenties – with some trepidation, some relief.   I was planning to use my birthday as the subject of this week’s podcast but if I’m honest, there was little to say other than, […]

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