Julia Bainbridge on the Loneliness Epidemic

On today’s show I have Julia Bainbridge of the Lonely Hour podcast to talk to us about the loneliness epidemic, what it means to experience loneliness (even if you’re an introvert), the challenges of isolation we face in the age we live in, and some thoughts for living with loneliness. Connect with Julia: The Lonely […]

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Year of Fun

The Year of Fun #20: Holotropic Breathwork

My interest in the nature of the mind, consciousness and all things esoteric has been steadily growing since I was at university. That said, I wasn’t exactly scientific in my approaches to this exploration. A few space cakes won’t make you an existential philosopher, even if you think so at the time. I found yoga […]

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The Year of Fun #4: Visit An Obscure Spanish City

This past weekend’s fun was actually pre-planned, it did not come from the almighty Jar of Fun… It was a trip to Oviedo, a city in Northwest Spain. You might wonder, why not Madrid or Barcelona? A more stereotypical choice for the weekend escapist Brit? Well, here’s a fun fact for you: I love obscure […]

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Feeling Lonely

CIP017: Feeling Lonely As An Introvert?

In this week’s edition of the Creative Introvert Podcast I’m getting a wee bit more personal than I’m typically comfortable with and talk about feeling lonely as an introvert. We like to be alone, us introverts. When we can close the door on the chaos around us, the small talk and the pointlesssocial events…. We can simply […]

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