How to Write a Blog Post When You Have NO Time

So you’re in a nice routine of pushing out a blog post once a week. May be more. May be less. But you’re getting it done.

Then all of a sudden… life gets cray. Everything else seems to take priority and your blog posts go unpublished – and your consistency goes down the pan.

Chronically busy? This post gives you a strategy to put into play and gets you writing a blog post even when you (think) you have no time. Click through to read or PIN for later!

Blogging itself may not be a direct way of bringing customers or clients into your business’ doors, but I have a lot of proof that as a slow burner – it works.

It shouldn’t be left on the backburner, and it doesn’t have to be – even when you’re overcome with a flurry of ‘busy’.

My advice? ‘Busy’ is a lame excuse.

There are ways to write a blog post when you have no time – and I’ve carefully mapped them out for all you busy bees, over at Rekita Nicole’s beautiful blog.

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How to write a blog post when you have NO time

Do you have any tips to get a post out when you’re short on time? Share below!