How to authentically market your business - without feeling like a sleazy car salesman!

Authentic Marketing 101: How To Sell Without Trying

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing creative consultant and all-round marketing expert, David Parrish. Author of T-Shirts and Suits and Chase One Rabbit, I’ve found both these books a huge help in my own journey to balance the business end of things with my creative work. David has kindly donated a fantastic story from his […]

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How To Use Storytelling To Overcome Fear

I’ll admit it: I’m new to the idea of storytelling. Yep, I was told stories a lot as a kid… but I was never EVER the storyteller. Recently though, I’ve come to learn we’re all storytellers. They might just be the ones we tell ourselves in our heads, but that inner monologue is there. Now, I […]

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Why Do Introverts Struggle To Ask For Help?

Asking for help is difficult for most people. It forces us to admit our shortcomings; our weaknesses; our vulnerability. It reveals us as the bruised peaches we are – not the shiny, unspoiled apples we wish to be seen as. Brené Brown would, I’m sure, give me some sage advice like: Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels […]

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Successful Introverts in Business #2: Lesley Taylor

It’s been one smokin’ hot minute since the last interview in my Successful Introverts in Business series, but it’s worth the wait! This time I managed to get Lesley Taylor, author of The Dynamic Introvert. This book covers leadership, branding and self-promotion, with practical advice from Lesley’s own experiences in business, tailored (or Taylor-ed? sorry) to the introvert. Susan Cain […]

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15 tips for more confience

15 Quotes For More Confidence Than Kanye

I know right – a tall order. I think my favourite quote from Kanye West is: “Jay is Kweli’s favorite rapper, 50 is Eminem’s favorite rapper, and I’m my favorite rapper.” That pretty much sums him up right? Arrogance aside, I can’t help but think we could ALL use just a sprinkle of Kanye-like confidence. It’s been a thread that’s run […]

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My Confidence Boosting Morning Routine

For whatever reason, over the past year or so, I’ve found myself grow increasingly obsessed with morning routines. May be it’s the type-A, ‘must-plan-everything’ in me… Or may be it was reading this book. Or may be it was the rest of the internet sharing their own morning routines and habits that drove me to […]

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