CIP 001: How To Use Introversion As Your Superpower

It only seems right that the first ‘proper’ episode of The Creative Introvert podcast covers the topic that started this whole Creative Introvert thing off.

How to use your introversion as your superpower >>

Here’s what I cover:

  • What is introversion (really)
  • How I discovered my introversion
  • How knowing your personality type helps
  • How knowing others personality types helps
  • What are the introvert’s superpowers
  • How to use your superpowers for creative work
  • How to know if you’re an introvert
  • What are the introvert’s ‘kryptonites’
  • How to deal with the kryptonite
  • 3 GOYA* Action Steps

*GOYA: Get Off Your Arse

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I really hope you enjoy the episode, and of course I’d appreciate any feedback on these early shows.

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