How To Balance Your Energy As An Introvert

We’re preached to a lot about ‘balance’. How to have a healthy work-life balance. A balanced diet. Balancing your books.

But what about being able to balance your energy? As an introvert, I know that energy is one of – if not my most – valued resource.

Without having the energy; the pep in my step as it were, to function; it doesn’t matter how much time or money I have.

How to balance your energy as an introvert >>

Those two classic resources are USELESS if I don’t have the energy to USE them.

So: that’s why I’m typing this out for you today. I’ve learned a great technique, which you can apply today to balance your energy as an introvert.

Before I begin: props and all that internet love goes to Arnie Kozak, who through his book (The Awakened Introvert) taught me this technique.

Those who attended last month’s LCI Book Club will know this already, but for those who couldn’t make it, here it is…

How to balance your energy as an introvert >>

How To Balance Your Energy As An Introvert

1.List the activities you find to be energy DRAINING

For example, socialising with friends. Some may be more draining than others, so list them separately.

You might go to networking events for your business or job, and these probably fit in this category.

2. List the activities (or ‘passivities’!) you find to be energy RESTORING

For example, mine would be: reading, crochet and drawing.

Others can be variable: for example, you might find shopping alone to be energy restoring, but shopping in a busy place with your mother to be draining.

How to balance your energy as an introvert >>

3. Assign numbers on a scale of -10 (draining) to 10 (restoring)

So, if public speaking is -10, and curling up with your cat and some Netflix is +10, give each activity a number.

Don’t spend TOO long on this – it can be tedious. Just give a rough energy estimate. You can always adjust as you learn

4. Look at your calendar for the week, tally up the activities for each day

A great task for a Sunday night. Have a look at all the activiites already scheduled for the following week.

Each day, assign your numbers (the ones you just set) to each activity scheduled. Then, add them up.

For example, a meeting at work on Monday morning might be -5. But that evening you have nothing planned except some reading, so +8. Your balance for the day is +3. Niiiice.

But Tuesday, you have a meeting with your boss -2, and drinks after work with friends -4. That leaves you with -3 (after taking Monday’s +3 into account)

Your aim is to keep a level balance – at least ending the week on a 0 or better a positive number.

5. Make adjustments if necessary

If it is a negative number, then be you might be able to make adjustments: what days could you trade a draining activity for a positive one?

I get it: sometimes we can’t. But this is, in my experience, the best way to keep your energy balance in check as much as possible.

Simply being more aware of where my energy is going has made a big difference in my lifestyle, and overall stress levels.

I also try and keep the number fairly close to 0, because if I end the week on a +10… I probably didn’t get out much! Keep in mind, introvert or not, we’re still social creatures at heart.

Experiencing the world; getting out of our comfort zone; seeing loved ones… These may be energy draining but they’re also happiness inducing.


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