CIP 013: Q+A (Online Visibility, When to Launch and Finding Time)

This is the first episode of the Creative Introvert Podcast that I will be trying out a slightly different format – it will be a Q+A format.

Ask a Creative Introvert Anything >>

So I’ve asked member of the League of Creative Introverts as well as those following me on social media to submit questions to the me on the subject of being a creative introvert and any kind of struggles y’all are facing.

While I’m not a qualified creative introvert – I’m sure one day that could be a real thing – I hope that my advice is somewhat useful regardless of where you are on your creative journey.

Also you can send in questions for future Q+A-style episodes, to and I will hopefully be able to answer them for you here.

I answer:

  • Do I HAVE to share pics of of myself and my real name online?
  • Should I keep working on my art before I start setting up social media accounts and a portfolio – if I don’t feel confident in my skills yet?
  • I have very little time after I get home from work – how do I make time for my creative sidegig?

Links mentioned:

I hope you enjoy the show, and thank you to the lovely listeners who sent their questions in.
If you have any questions – you know what to do! Shoot me an email to and I will get that answered for you in an upcoming show.



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