Self-Knowledge Series 10: What Do You Want?

The grand finale of the Self-Knowledge mini-series!

To end, I’m asking you the deceptively simple question: what do you want?

It’s easy to go through life without really answering this question.

Of course, we can answer specifics: like what do you want to order from a restaurant. Or you can be tempted to answer through the structure western society has imposed on us, claiming to want to go to university and settle down with 2.4 kids and get a mortgage and OH MY GOD KILL ME NOW.

I’m a big proponent of asking this question on a regular basis and spending a significant time ruminating on it.

I do this because I don’t want to be fooled into thinking society knows what I want, or into thinking I don’t have a choice in the matter.

When we know what we want – what we really, really want, as the Spice Girls say – we can aim true and have – obviously – a way better chance in getting what we want and living a meaningful life.

OK. So…

How do you tackle a question like What do I want?


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