How to Choose the ONE Thing To Focus On

The Age of Distraction. I believe Leo Babauta first coined that phrase, but whoever it was it’s pretty dead-on. Other than a Buddhist monk I recently met, I’m sure everyone I know struggles with focus. Whether it’s email, Whatsapp, text messages, Periscope notifications, Pokémon Go (totally understandable)… we simply live in an age where our […]

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4 Techniques to Finding Your Focus (Fast!)

I like to think of myself as a Renaissance Man Gal. I’ve always been like this – from ballet to karate to the flute to the bass guitar to coin collecting to Coca Cola van driver* I’ve always been ‘multipassionate.’ *Never became a reality, this was just my childhood dream job. I was ambitious. But sometimes, […]

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10 books for the n00b entrepreneur

10 Books For the Newbie Entrepreneur

When you struggle to spell ‘entrepreneur’, it’s easy to feel like a total n00b. Thankfully, these books have been a huge help to me on my entrepreneurial (phew!) journey, and I love them so much, I thought I’d share them – a little thank you to their wonderful authors. My 10 Books For the N00b Entrepreneur […]

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How to Find Your Focus

The One About the Donkey

It seems that finally the multitasking myth has been (or is being) dispelled. As a kid, I realised I could never could do more than one thing at a time – and used to think that made me feel like I was an inferior female. Not so! None of us are capable at doing multiple […]

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