The One About the Donkey

How to Find Your Focus

It seems that finally the multitasking myth has been (or is being) dispelled.

As a kid, I realised I could never could do more than one thing at a time – and used to think that made me feel like I was an inferior female.

Not so! None of us are capable at doing multiple tasks to the best of our ability – so it’s wise to quit trying, and start focussing on ONE thing.

If you’ve read Gary Keller’s masterpiece, you’ll be on my level with this.


The One Thing

If the first step to focussing on one thing is actually deciding on what that one thing is – we’ve already got a problem on our hands.

How many of us can honestly feel assured that we’ve picked the one thing that’s right for us?

The story that hit home for me was the one about the donkey.


What donkey!?

Ok ok, I’m being a tease – the full post is over at Cate Costa’s wonderful blog.

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How to Find Your Focus