Morgan Stapp

Morgan Stapp on Starting a Freelance Career as an Introvert

Today’s podcast guest, Morgan Stapp is the chief brand strategist at Specht + Co. She specialises in helping businesses communicate their message. We talk about her experience in starting to work for herself, how to handle being an introvert when going to conferences (something I also dived into in depth on the 99th episode) and […]

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Why Even Introverts Need a Mastermind Group-

Why Even Introverts Need a Mastermind Group

Less than a year ago, the word ‘mastermind’ to me meant a black leathery chair, a stressful spotlight and… John Humphrys. Then as the word started popping up in books I was reading (Napoleon Hill’s classic ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ being one) and podcasts I listened to. It turns out, a mastermind is actually just […]

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Interview Ashley Faulkes

Interview with Ashley Faulkes from

When I first came across the blog on I was almost annoyed. I knew I was going to spend a good chunk of that afternoon lost in the immense articles there. So much for getting through my to-do list… Fortunately, it was totally worth it. Particularly when it comes to reviewing tools and apps […]

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