5 Mindset Shifts Your Creative Business Needs

If you can’t tell already: I’m all about actionable advice.

Yeah, I like a good story of how someone went from a dead-end job to a 6-fig business in a year – but let’s be honest.

Those unicorns are few and far between.

These stories are great for motivating us. For making us feel important, powerful, confident.

But just how effective are those mindset shifts?

5 Mindset Shifts Your Creative Business Needs

I’d argue that some are more effective than others – and those are precisely the ones I want to share.

These mindset shifts are the kind that may not set in overnight. This isn’t like a step-by-step guide to promoting a blog post, or a list of books you can go out and buy.

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These are the mindset shifts that, if repeated over time, will actually bring about real life results in your business – particularly if you’re new to the game.
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You can read all 5 mindset shifts over at Staci’s blog. Pin ’em, bookmark ’em, print ’em out and tape them to your rabbit.

Just don’t forget them, and you’ll see the results.


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Question for you! Which of the 5 mindset shifts hit home for you most?

Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know your thoughts on this one.