5 Tips for Outsourcing for the First Time


Raise your hand (you don’t think I can see you but I can) if you’re someone who insists on doing it ALL themselves.

I blame Fred Durst.

If you want something done right, you should just do it yourself”

~ Boiler, Limp Bizkit

Common sense tells us that of course we can’t do all things ourselves, but it’s amazing how long we can go attempting to before outsourcing for the first time.

I know asking doesn’t come easily to most of us, but taking baby steps like hiring someone to help you with your admin or accounting, really start to move us closer to our goals.

5 tips for outsourcing for the first time

It took a lot of hearing the same message over and over again from highly successful business owners and entrepreneurs, for me to finally outsource some of my tasks.

No, it isn’t easy. You have to trust your employee with your baby business. You have to make sure you are clear in what you want done, and that takes some time in the beginning.

The pay off?


I remember the first Saturday morning I had to focus on business development rather than scheduling social media posts. It felt amazing.

5 tips for outsourcing

Let’s play a little game.

If you can make it to the end of this post I wrote for the lovely Krista Rae, and still tell me you can’t outsource just one thing? We’ll get on the phone and talk.

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Hit me up with any qualms and queries you still have about outsourcing, and see if I can turn your mind around and start saving you hours of valuable time to spend ON your business – not in it.

Do you have a hard time delegating tasks? 

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