6 Tips for Preventing Social Media Burnout

Just around one year ago, I diagnosed myself with SMSD.

You’re wondering what SMSD is? 

The symptoms are:

  • Inability to sleep (without checking instagram one last time)
  • Brain fog (caused by overdosing on cat videos)
  • Lowered self-esteem (due to comparing self to others achievements)
  • Chronic stress (from managing several different social media accounts at once)

There are more. All of them early warning signs on SMSD.


Social Media Burnout


Ok, it’s not a real thing (YET!) but I’m serious about those symptoms I was having. It was no fun – I was no fun.

It wasn’t long before I realised I needed to take a break, and take a good look at how I was running my business.

Yes – social media is a necessary part of managing and promoting a business these days, and in many ways I’m really glad it is. I love that you can reach people all over the world – for free! 100 years ago (heck, 20 years ago) it would have cost serious cash to have that kind of worldwide potential reach.

But… there’s a limit to how much we can push ourselves. It’s not easy to cut through the noise, go viral, become ‘teh interwebs’ next big thing… and we shouldn’t be losing sleep trying to!

I learned a lot when I took a mini-break from social media, and I feel like I need to share these tips for preventing social media burnout – before more good people come down with SMSD…


Social Media Burnout

Tell me, have you ever experienced SMSD?

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Social Media Burnout