CIP022: Mitch Bowler on Overcoming Perfectionism

In this episode of The Creative Introvert podcast I’m talking with Mitch Bowler from Pencil Kings!

Mitch Bowler on Overcoming Perfectionism

Today’s interview is with someone who I truly admire – Mitch Bowler who founded the online creative training site Pencil Kings.

We talk about his dreams as a kid to be a video game designer to his vision to offer affordable art training to everyone – what has ultimately led to Pencil Kings.

Mitch drops a lot of valuable advice for any creative who is striving for perfection but as a result ends up getting discouraged and giving up.

Mitch Bowler Quote


What we discuss:

  • How Mitch went from video game designer dreams to working for Activision
  • How Mitch started teaching online despite his own self doubt
  • The value of treating new projects as experiments
  • How to move forward quickly without getting caught up with perfection
  • When real education begins (hint: not at school!)
  • Discovering quiet time if you’re an introvert
  • The importance of finding your purpose (+ how to find it)
  • The value of having a peer group for support and accountability
  • The one piece of common advice Mitch doesn’t believe in


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