How to Reboot Your Brand in 2016

You may have had a great ‘brand vision’ when you first started your business; your business plan laid it all out and you got that killer logo you know will be timeless…

But once things start happening with that business, more people come on board, products and services get updated… that strong brand can start to weaken under the load.

Doing a brand reboot each year is a great way to prevent this from happening.

To read the full article, head on over to Women on Business where I’ve had it published in it’s entirety.

Reboot your brand workbook

But before you go – feel free to grab your copy of my Reboot Your Brand workbook – it’s a 6-page guide to help you with the process of reassessing your brand, clarifying your vision and giving your brand a kick up the bum in 2016!

Download the Reboot Your Brand Workbook

Do you need to give your brand a reboot this year? Any tips to add? Let me know in the comments!

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