CIP 003: The C Word (Not Another How-To-Act-More-Confident Guide)

This episode of the Creative Introvert Podcast is for anyone who is sick and tired of all the patronising, overly simplistic, overly complicated or just sappy self-help goop about CONFIDENCE. Confidence is a word that has been muddied by the likes of ‘confidence gurus’ and other extroverted self-help characters who I simply can’t relate to. Here’s […]

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CIP 001: How To Use Introversion As Your Superpower

It only seems right that the first ‘proper’ episode of The Creative Introvert podcast covers the topic that started this whole Creative Introvert thing off. Here’s what I cover: What is introversion (really) How I discovered my introversion How knowing your personality type helps How knowing others personality types helps What are the introvert’s superpowers How […]

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What to do when NOTHING you do is working

CIP 002: What To Do When Nothing You Do Is Working

This episode of the Creative Introvert Podcast is for anyone who feels like they’ve tried ALL the things and still… nothing seems to be working. You’re not moving forward like you expected, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and you may even be ready to throw in the towel. BUT WAIT! Before you do […]

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The Creative Introvert Podcast (Really!?)

About 3 years ago I subscribed to a podcast for the first time. I believe it was Balanced Bites – a couple of bubbly ladies chatting about living ‘the paleo life’ basically. From there, I expanded my taste in an array of podcasts (and foods for that matter) and today, I think I get in about […]

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