4 Techniques to Finding Your Focus (Fast!)

I like to think of myself as a Renaissance Man Gal. I’ve always been like this – from ballet to karate to the flute to the bass guitar to coin collecting to Coca Cola van driver* I’ve always been ‘multipassionate.’ *Never became a reality, this was just my childhood dream job. I was ambitious. But sometimes, […]

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5 Mindset Shifts Your Creative Business Needs

If you can’t tell already: I’m all about actionable advice. Yeah, I like a good story of how someone went from a dead-end job to a 6-fig business in a year – but let’s be honest. Those unicorns are few and far between. These stories are great for motivating us. For making us feel important, […]

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5 tips for outsourcing

5 Tips for Outsourcing for the First Time

Raise your hand (you don’t think I can see you but I can) if you’re someone who insists on doing it ALL themselves. I blame Fred Durst. If you want something done right, you should just do it yourself” ~ Boiler, Limp Bizkit Common sense tells us that of course we can’t do all things […]

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10 books for the n00b entrepreneur

10 Books For the Newbie Entrepreneur

When you struggle to spell ‘entrepreneur’, it’s easy to feel like a total n00b. Thankfully, these books have been a huge help to me on my entrepreneurial (phew!) journey, and I love them so much, I thought I’d share them – a little thank you to their wonderful authors. My 10 Books For the N00b Entrepreneur […]

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How to Find Your Focus

The One About the Donkey

It seems that finally the multitasking myth has been (or is being) dispelled. As a kid, I realised I could never could do more than one thing at a time – and used to think that made me feel like I was an inferior female. Not so! None of us are capable at doing multiple […]

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10 Must-Have Productivity Tools For Creatives

I’ll always remember being in art class, complaining about my paintbrush, bristles awry. It was then I was told by my art teacher, “A good workman never blames his tools” That shut me up. No, to do great work we don’t need all the bells, whistles and plugins we can find – we need creativity, […]

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