CIP035: The Introvert’s Guide To Freelancing

In 2013, my introvert dreams were answered.

I had made the heady decision on New Years Day to book plane tickets to Japan, signalling my no-way-backing-out-now decision to leave my safety bubble that was my 9-5 job as a web designer in London.

It also signalled the start of my 6-month experiment: be a Freelancer.

The Introvert's Guide To Freelancing

Spoiler alert: the experiment went well and I am still working for myself.

But… it was not an easy 6 months. In fact, the years following weren’t exactly a walk in the empty-introvert-friendly-park either.

Like this report shows, many freelancers feel less secure financially – and the pay brackets show this – than being full-time.

Despite the fact that going solo, either freelancing or setting up your own biz, may be the dream for many introverts who can’t abide the office life: it does come with it’s own challenges.

That’s what I want to spend this episode tackling.

Now I touched on one of the biggest sticking points in episode 31 – The Troubleshooting Guide for the Demotivated – which is – you guessed it – dealing with the issue of motivation when you work for yourself.

And naturally, I recommend that particularly if you’ve been freelancing or working for yourself for some time.

But today is more like a… primer. May be for those who are considering cutting loose from the 9-5 and fancy themselves as a one-man (or woman) band.

The Introvert's Guide To Freelancing


You’ll hear me talk about…

  • The two biggest questions to ask yourself before going freelance
  • Why I backed away from web design
  • How to schedule your day for success
  • The strategy I use to make sure I focus
  • Why freelancing isn’t as introvert-friendly as you might think
  • How to prevent burnout
  • And much more


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