Interview with Salim of Creative Genesis

Creative Genesis are just one of those creative agencies that I come across and think: DAMN. Remind me again why I’m not working in a team?

The stuff these guys are producing is fun, innovative and smart. I had to find out more about who was behind all this awesomeness, and I got super excited when I found out it was a fellow Londoner!

Creative Genesis Troll

I love the illustrative elements that pepper Creative Genesis‘ work!

Today’s interview in my series where I grill creative professionals is with Salim Rupawala, designer and founder of Creative Genesis.

Take 5, enjoy a beverage of choice (I love Salim’s!) and read on…

Interview with Salim, Creative Genesis

What was your first big break into design/big job?

My first break was designing a logo and a portfolio website for a stylist. It lead me to build a portfolio and gain a stream of clients from that one project through referrals.

Do you have any morning routine you can share?

I wake up text my girlfriend “Good morning xx” then fall back asleep. This is most common thing out of my daily routine that I have done for years.

Quote from Salim, Creative Genesis

Where do you do the bulk of your work?

At home.

What time of day do you do you best work?

When I’m fully focused. Usually when there is a tight deadline. The specific time of the day doesn’t really matter.

Where do you look for inspiration?

In life, in people’s emotions, their thinking, browsing through endless design blogs and portfolios helps too.

What’s your favourite colour?


Do you have any mentors?

My college teacher who goes by the name of Geoffrey showed us the way.

Do you listen to a particular type of music while you work?

Epic music playlists on Youtube or classical.

What advice would you give to a recent design graduate?

Be happy, love life, have an entrepreneurial spirit and lastly enjoy designing.

How do you take your coffee? (or tea?!)

Neither, lemon and honey with water is my drink of choice.

Thanks so much Salim! Keep us posted with your latest creative endeavours 😉

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